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The Lamberg SleepWell Appliance

Sleep Apnea Treatment
The Lamberg SleepWell Appliance holds the jaw and tongue in a comfortable, forward position to keep the airway open during sleep. By adjusting the position of the jaw and tightening the tissues in the upper airway, this device stops snoring and helps you get a better night's sleep.  If you struggle with sleep apnea or regularly snore, relief may be found with Dr. Lamberg's innovative appliance. The secret is in the design -simple, non-threatening design and easy-to-clean, easy-to-adjust convenience yield high patient compliance.

Click here to download a printable questionnaire for use in screening patients for Sleep Apnea.

Its simple, easy-to-clean, easy-to-adjust, easy-to-use convenience yield high compliance and therefore highly effected in the alleviation of snoring and sleep apnea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Lamberg SleepWell Oral Appliance

How long has the Lamberg SleepWell Appliance been available?

In 2013, the Lamberg SleepWell Appliance became an FDA-approved treatment method for sleep apnea and other forms of sleep disordered breathing. But even before that, Dr. Lamberg started making this appliance in 2004 for a local physician.

How do I know this oral appliance is right for me?

During your first visit, Dr. Lamberg will begin to determine what the best fit is for you. With a 90% effective rate when compliant, it has shown much success for patients.

If I’m not able to visit Dr. Lamberg, how can I use the Lamberg SleepWell Oral Appliance?

Dr. Lamberg has partnered up with Smile Maintainers Laboratories to custom make and fit appliances for dentists across the country. For more information, visit www. or call 800-423-3270 to find out how your dentist can order the SleepWell Appliance for you. 

Patient Mark Helstrom, of Northport, NY Dentist, Dr. Steven Lamberg gives honest video testimonial for the Lamberg Sleep Well Oral Appliance that treats snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Lamberg invented the oral appliance and recently won Best of Long Island for Best Sleep Care Center.

Upper Portion of the Lamberg SleepWell Oral Appliance - Great for Treatment of Sleep Apnea!

Lower portion of the Lamberg SleepWell Oral Appliance - Great for Treatment of Sleep Apnea!

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